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     Character:  Brandon


Bio:  Brandon grew up in a…functional home.  Brandon’s parents have been married for 20 years with three children now but their love story is no fairy tale.  They love each other very much, that is obvious, but they have their share in fights, often resulting in Brandon’s father staying the night out at his best friend’s house then coming home around noon the next day.  B’s dad is a firm believer that too much of anything leads to destruction, so he takes a break every now and then just to get away from…everything, but he always comes back, and to Brandon’s mom, that’s all that matters.  Since his father never contacts any of them while he’s out, Brandon has always been suspicious of what exactly his father does while he’s gone, even though he claims to be at a friends house and his mother never worries, or at least never appears to.  But, they haven’t split yet and Brandon doesn’t have the courage or drive to question his father, being a naturally passive person, he just kinds of writes it off, literally.  Although he has never expressed his concerns to his parents, he has however talked to his older brother and younger sister.  His little sister was quite the cynical girl, so when his older brother, the more supportive one, left for college he gave Brandon a journal to write his concerns in if he couldn’t get in contact with him.  It was around this same time however that Brandon met April and immediately his attention shifted.  April wanted to get a camera and go out and take pictures, but she knew nothing about cameras whatsoever.  So she turned to Brandon, an active member of Yearbook committee, for assistance and tutelage.  Thus, the journal his brother gave him became an outlet for his adventures with April.


Traits:       Shy             Loving             Gullible


             Clever           Patient             Tough


           Sentimental        Passive           Respectful


Movie Taste:  Being brought up on a ton of superhero cartoons (Father is a big comic and video game buff) Brandon always wanted to make supernatural action packed movies and as such his taste directly mirrored his dreams.  But April has introduced him to a new genre, Romance, and Brandon kind of enjoys it.  His favorite movies are Transformers, Every Marvel Movie Ever, and The Holiday.

Music Taste:  Brandon would often make video mash ups of action scenes from movies and cartoons and put them to intense music.  He found alternative rock and some electronic suited his needs quite well. His favorite artists include Linkin Park, Blue Stahli, and Sum 41.