This is the story of how everything came to be.  This is my life’s prologue.

     I met April in my junior of high school, but I had known of her for quite some time before that.  Not as creepy as it sounds, trust me.  I knew pretty much everyone.  It wasn’t because I was popular or a naturally outgoing person, It was kind of my job in a way.  I was part of the yearbook committee.  I say “committee” but honestly there were only three of us, me, my teacher Mrs. Majericko (MoJo for short), and my best friend Angelina Jacobi (aka AJ).  Now normally I am the guy who goes out and takes pictures of the students, classes, assemblies, etc., but with short supply of hands I also had to help out on matching names with photos.  Through year book I pretty much learned who everyone was, though I knew none of them personally.  I was just the observer, watching everyone through a lense.  But Im getting way off topic.  Sorry.

     Back to the story of us meeting.  I knew of April since freshman year and have had a crush on her since the first day I saw her.  It was my studyhall period, and I was walking around taking pictures of classrooms in teaching sessions.  I crept through the back door of Mrs. Garrison’s English class while she was giving lecture and there she was.  April was in the very back row making a sketch of a classmate in this notebook full of doodles.  From the looks of it I doubted she ever spent one day listening to Mrs. Garrison at all.  The sketch was so amazing, before I knew it I found myself staring.  Then out of nowhere Mrs. Garrison addressed me “Excuse me, do you need something?”

     All eyes turned to me.  I knew before I fully looked up that April had spotted me. Caught off guard I just said “Uhh… no, I was actually, just leaving.” And for some reason I turned back to April and we made eye contact.  I just uttered the word “Sorry”  feeling like I needed to apologize for something.

     Then April gave me a smile and said “It’s fine”,  and my heart was hooked.  SIGNAL THE DOVES!*

     Actually, it wasn’t quite love yet.  I barely knew the girl.  But, she was undoubtedly cute and talented, and I was interested.

     From that moment on though, I recognized her in crowds, and although I would love to say that I was very professional about my yearbook career, I would often frame my photo purposely to include her.

     Wasn’t till two years later that we actually exchanged words again.  We shared math class third period and since my last name is Naderman and her’s is Meadows, I got the seat behind her.  She said “Hey” as I sat down.

     A month later she turned to me with question after class.  “Can you help me?”

     Vague, but I figured sure, why would I say no.  “Um, yeah.  Maybe, you know, depending on what it is you want.  If I have the capability of helping in whatever field it is, I would try best to assist.. you…..  What is it you exactly want?”

     “A camera”


     “…No, my own.  But I don’t know anything about them so I need your help.”

     “Oh, buying one”

     “Well that, and learning how to use it and all.”

     “Uhhh…”  Well yeah I was experienced in photography.  I’ve had a camera strapped around me since I was thirteen.  But I was no photography teacher.  Of course I could probably pull it off, but I did most of my stuff manually and that kind of stuff can be overwhelming to some people (My mother).  But, what was really going through my head was ‘OPPORTUNITY!  How should I execute this? Gotta do it properly.’  So I told her “Yeah, sure.  No problem, it’s not as hard as it looks.  So do you know what kind you want?”

     “Um, I don’t know.  What about yours?”

     “So you do want my camera?”

     She laughed.  Score one, me.  “No, but What about that model?”

     “This?  Well this is the Canon T3.  I actually just got it for my birthday two days ago.  Only played around with it a little but the manual capabilities are good for deciding exactly how you want the photo to look.  But you’re completely new so you may want something a little a eas…”

     “Sounds perfect to me.”

     She seemed passionate so why not fuel the fire. “Uh, well okay. Sure.  It could be a  little pricey though.”

     “Not a problem.  Mama works for a living”  Thought she was speaking metaphorically, didn’t realize till later that she was unemployed and just had her mom pay for it. “Well now that all that’s settled, how about we set a date to meet up? Tomorrow sound good?”


     “Oh sorry. What are you busy or something?”

     Of course not “No, Im free.  Just seemed kind of early considering that you haven’t got the camera yet.”

     “I’ll get it after school today.  So are you down?”

     “….” I actually hesitated.  In my head, at the moment, it seemed a good reason to.  I mean if I said yes, that would be it.  I would no longer be just an observer of people living life, I would be one of them.  Sounds good, but to be honest I felt my life was already good enough.  It was routine I guess, but it was a routine I enjoyed, one I was content with.  Should I really change that for the unknown.  Stress, conflict, anger, depression,  did I really want to adopt all the troubles of being an active member of living?………


     “…Hell yeah”


     “Ha, I like your spirit.  I’ll pick you up tomorrow at nine.  We’ve got a number of places to hit before sundown.”

     As she started to head out I had one more question, “Hey…” she turned to me, and making direct eye contact with her blue eyes I asked “If you don’t mind me asking, why do you want to do photography? Just curious.”

     She was silent for a second then said “Sure, if you don’t mind telling me first?”

     “I love capturing people.  Life is amazing, it’s fun to capture those perfect moments of a person just experiencing what life has to offer, no matter how trivial that moment may seem to others.  Sometimes the small things in life are worth the most to capture” For a moment she just stood there and smiled at me, her smile was surreal.  I was stunned.  However, my shyness eventually cut the silence “…I mean, I guess.”

     She continued to smile at me, “Well…” finally changing the direction of her gaze “I guess… I want to capture the wonders of the world.  Those things that everyone else are missing out on, passing idly by……kinda like you” She was smiling at me again, “You’re a wonder Brandon Naderman.”

     “………” Wish that moment could’ve lasted forever.  The moment I first experienced the other side for myself.  But she turned to leave, and that was the end of my first and last real conversation with April Meadows, The Girl without the Camera.


     From that moment on we began to go on shooting trips.  Shooting trips became more frequent and I guess she enjoyed having me around as much as I did her because we started to hang out outside of our lessons.  We would talk all the time, and about everything.  We got close.  So close that when those final two years of high school were up and I was moving out to LA for film, she joined me.  We decided to attend the same school together, and pursued different but similar fields.  Me, film, and her, professional photography.

     Now that we are here we are gonna be going on a ton of shooting expeditions.  Not that we ever stopped; there’s always new moments to capture, but now we have a whole new world to explore and I will be giving you guys the inside to our whole story as it unfolds.  As acting journal, this will be my outlet.  The good, the bad, and the beautiful, I will be telling it all in my journal entries.  I will also be including my photos very frequently to visually help the story.  Oh speaking of which, my next journal entry I will introduce you guys to who The Girl with the Camera is, and you won’t have to wait long.


     Anyway, till next time Patron Heartachers.