Girlwiththecamera no imageHey Patron Heartachers, and welcome to my public journal.

     First off, my name is Brandon, and if it isn’t obvious, I am not The Girl With The Camera. That title belongs to my friend, April.  She is who this blog is about.  Me?  Well, I’m the narrator of the story.  Now just to clarify, she may be the subject, but this is still my story.  The story Im telling isn’t exactly the most original one.  Your everyday high schooler boy falls in love with a girl.  Some series of events leads to the girl reaching out to the boy for assistance, and the boy accepts the request.  Let the adventures begin.  Normally at the end of this Hollywood film the boy and girl would be together.  I’m still working on that part…kind of.

     Anyway I’ll try and keep it short and simple for you first timers. This is a photography/romance blog about my adventures with my friend April.  The blog works as kind of a public diary since that is easier for people to understand, but for my sake I will refer to it as a journal.  I will be giving you guys the unfiltered story of my entire life.  Can’t tell you what the future holds but I will try to keep it only to the interesting parts.

     If you’re a bit interested in the blog but not sure yet whether you want to invest time in it, I have two suggestions for you.   At the bottom we have the Journal Rewind, basically giving you the background on how this blog came to be.  No real novel aspect to it, just the background as to how things began.  Secondly, I mostly recommend you check out my first post “Prologue”,  which is the story of how me and April became friends.  It’s in a novel format, very similar to how my Journals Entries will be like minus the photography.  Checking it out would be a good way to decide if you will enjoy reading what I will be writing.

     Also I will be trying to deliver high quality photography, so if you like my work but don’t want to read Journal Entries, feel free to just come for the gallery page, I don’t care.  Whatever floats your boat.  And as for you who are not interested at all, well Im surprised you read this far down the page, but thanks for visiting anyway

Hope you guys enjoy my site, and I can’t wait for my next entry.

Brandon Naderman

Journal Entry Rewind: Friday September 13, 2013