Girlwiththecamera authorHey guys Im Anonymous (you’ll see my name as Nony for short), and I’m the author behind The Girl with the Camera.

     To answer some of your concerns.  Yes, that does make this a fictional blog.  The characters and story that happen here are not real.  Why make this known?  Well when coming up with this idea, we originally weren’t going to until a little later after the blog became a little more established.  But I had concerns as to how the public would take a man secretly posting photos and journals of a girl without her permission.  Figured we should just do some pre-damage control and just out that there is an author behind the narrator, Brandon.

     However, with that said I would really prefer it that you don’t let that take away from the story.  There are several fictional novels out there, we are just the same except we are using a blog instead of a book.  This medium allows for a lot more than just words on a page.  I’m a very visual and audio type of person, so I wanted that to be a part of my story.  This blog allows for me to implant pictures and music along with my story.

     You may have noticed that I used the pronoun “we” a bit.  As you may have guessed I am not one man.  There is a team of us behind The Girl with the Camera.  Our jobs range differently but our goal is all the same, to deliver something relatable in a new and unique way.  Now we are not some big corporation, we are just a small group of friends with a story to tell that we hope you will enjoy.

     In regards to the audio, you don’t “need” to listen to it.  I made this playlist because I felt it fit the story but you are more than welcome to turn the audio off in place of your own music or even silence if you prefer that.  Also, we don’t own any of the music played.  As of right now, this is a non profit blog.  There is no revenue of any type coming through, so there should be no problem.

     As for the photos, before I give the public any allowance to use them I will have to converse with the model of April since she is the primary subject and it is her face and body. So as of right not all photos belong to us and shouldn’t be used in any other persons works at all. If she allows usage of her photo than this section will change, so keep an eye out if you are interested.

     We want to help the art community grow, so although you can not use our photos we will also be offering up a segment you can look at called “Photo Breakdowns”.  Here we will be telling everything there is to how our photographer and editor do what they do.  From camera equipment/settings, to locations, and even post production, we will be sharing it all.  If there is ever anything you are curious about that we fail to mention in the post, just ask, and we will do our best to share.

     Well I think I covered pretty much everything I wanted to address, so there is only one thing left to say.  DON’T FIND ME!  If you ever feel the urge to see the man behind the story, please refrain from the search.  I’m sure it would probably be a cakewalk for some of you to figure out who I am, but I’m asking you not to.  Personally I rather I just be anonymous.  I will do my best to keep you guys from finding out my identity, but if you guys really want an image as to who the guy is that makes these stories, make an image up.  Use your imagination, creativity is what we seek to inspire after all.  And if it makes you feel any better, I won’t be hidden forever.  I will be telling you who I am eventually (as long as I’m not outed already).  In the mean time I would really prefer it that you just enjoy the story.


Nony Myis